Express Divorce

With our expert lawyers in divorces and separations, you can process your express divorce quickly, comfortably, and affordably….

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Contested Divorce

A contested divorce occurs in those cases in which the couple hasn’t managed to reach an agreement with regards to their willingness to divorce…

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Its purpose is to verify that a judgment obtained in another country meets the requirements for it to be recognized and enforced in another….

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Prenuptial agreements

Given the complexity of the personal, economic, and work-related realities of each spouse, together with the sometimes stressful situations which are created in…

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icono sucesiones


One of our specialties, which is directly linked to family law and the offering of comprehensive advice to individuals and families, is the handling of inheritance matters and estates…

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Our immigration department offers a comprehensive range of procedures, including permits, visas, authorizations, and other public certifications, at both community and international level…

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Violencia doméstica y de género

Domestic and gender-based violence

The domestic and gender-based violence department at Kernel Legal is without doubt the most delicate for our team of lawyers…

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