European Desk

European Desk

European Desk is our international department. We at Kernel Legal have representation in Brussels and Italy.


Our delegation in Italy manages the interests of Spanish companies in said country, as well as those of Italian companies in Spain. Corporate, Compliance, Labor…

We provide advice on all aspects of company-related law and adapt the circumstances of each business to the country in which they operate. At Kernel Legal we aim to offer the best possible advice to all companies before dealing with the challenge of their internationalization, helping them to make the most appropriate decisions for their interests and managing each and every new legal step.


In this case of Brussels, our added value goes one step further. Our advisor Paolo Meucci is at the heart of the gestation of the regulations that the Spanish government is obliged to take on as new legislation. This means that we are able to anticipate these changes and advise our clients as to how they could affect them in the future.

Join our customer portfolio and you’ll have a great competitive advantage. We’ll advise you on how to reduce the impact of each new regulation, as well as maximizing the benefits you’re able to access thanks to new regulations.

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