Practice Areas

Labor Law

Every company faces a multitude of labor issues over the course of its lifetime involving recruitment, dismissals, workforce adjustment proceedings, payment claims…

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A company is like a living, breathing organism, constantly undergoing change. That’s why it’s important to have the best possible legal assistance from the outset and along every step of the way…

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Banking Law

We have an extremely high success rate in representing abusive banking practice claims. Preference shares, floor clauses, multi-currency mortgages, swaps…

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Procedural Law

Our legal team firmly believes that amicable negotiations are the best way to resolve disputes which could affect…

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European Desk

European Desk is our international department. We at Kernel Legal have delegation in both Brussels and Italy.

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“Our team of professionals do their utmost to minimize the risks to your company or investment by gaining a deep understanding of your business.”

“Without a deep understanding of our clients’ national and international business, it is impossible to anticipate any potential operational and regulatory risks to those who are responsible for mitigating them, not only to avoid potential criminal liabilities, but also to more effectively manage their business.”

EDUARDO TORNERO. Director in Kernel Legal