Procedural Law

Procedural Law

Our legal team firmly believes that amicable negotiations are the best way to resolve disputes which could affect our clients. However, if this channel has been exhausted and no extrajudicial solution has been reached, the Procedural Law department at Kernel Legal provide the best possible technical support and legal defense and the highest level before courts and tribunals, in addition to other entities and institutions.

We have highly trained specialists in procedural and arbitration Law, and, in addition, when the case requires it, we are able to provide experts on the subject in question and prepare the case for defense, however specific and specialized it may be. At Kernel Legal we provide added customer value in each and every negotiation, lawsuit, and arbitration.

  • Our prices are flexible, we adapt to your needs
  • We keep you up to speed on your affairs in timely and stringent manner
  • We provide you with a communication platform which is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Here, you can consult the status of your affairs, check relevant documents, and send us everything we need to support your case

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