One of our specialties, which is directly linked to family law and the offering of comprehensive advice to individuals and families, is the handling of inheritance matters and estates.

We help you to organize your estate (drafting and amending of wills, power of attorney, donations inter vivos, etc.) and to manage your property as efficiently as possible from a tax perspective, in addition to carrying out all the necessary formalities in order to determine the destination of your assets. We can also provide advice to heirs regarding any issues, including the acceptance or renunciation of inheritance, distribution, tax payments, gathering of documentation, claims, conflicts, tax planning, etc.

We link your economic and tax interests with a purely legal dimension of inheritance, offering you a 360 degree service which sets us apart from other firms. In addition, we cover cases concerning the Spanish Civil Code, as well as inheritance cases in Catalonia, pursuant to the Catalan Civil Code. Inheritance in cases of common law couples is another of our specialties.


These are some of our services:

  • Drafting and amending of wills
  • Advice on inheritance matters
  • Donations inter vivos
  • Power of attorney
  • Inheritance taxes and document duties
  • Acceptance of inheritance
  • Renunciation of inheritance
  • Distribution of estates
  • Legal claims regarding inheritance
  • Legitimate claims
  • Conflicts between heirs
  • Tax planning
  • Obtaining a death certificate, last will and testament , and other formalities
  • Inheritance in Catalonia (Catalan Civil Code)
  • Inheritance rights in common law couples

Financial management of inheritance

If you need financial advice with regards to an estate, whether as an heir or testator, we offer tailored made financial management services with one single interlocutor specialized in investments, who will take into account your requirements and criteria.

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