Domestic and gender-based violence

Domestic and gender-based violence

The domestic and gender-based violence department at Kernel Legal is without doubt the most delicate for our team of lawyers. That is why we strive to offer you the most friendly and humane service possible, adapting ourselves to your needs, and offering you timely and consistent information, whilst maintaining maximum discretion. Our job is not just to do our utmost to provide you with the excellent legal advice, but to treat it as if it were our very own case, with our experience and knowledge offering you maximum peace of mind.



This involves any act of physical, psychological, sexual, or emotional violence which takes place in the family context, by one of its members against another, or against all other members. It is defined as such since it takes place in a domestic setting. There are various possible offenses in this regard, referred to in our criminal code.


In this case, it involves any act of violence against women for the mere fact of being a woman. Spanish Organic Law 1/2004, of December 28, introduces this concept in Article 1,ensuring that the purpose of this law is “to combat the violence exercised against women by their present or former spouses, or by men with whom they maintain or have maintained analogous affective relations, with or without cohabitation, as an expression of discrimination, the situation of inequality and the power relations prevailing between the sexes”. In these cases, there are also a catalog of offenses referred to in the criminal code, in addition to a series of measures aimed at preventing and protecting the victim from such aggressions. These are some of them:

  • Right to comprehensive social assistance (primary care social services, emergency support and shelter)
  • Information to victims, psychological care, social support, educational support, preventive training, assistance with training and employment, etc.
  • Free defense and legal representation when entering into gender-based violence litigation
  • Right to reduction or reorganization of the working day, geographic mobility, temporary suspension of employment with job security and the right to unemployment benefit in cases of gender-based violence

Whatever your gender or relationship to the aggressor, we are available to offer you advice and help you take the necessary legal and administrative actions.

You can also count on us if you have been the victim of a false domestic or gender-based violence accusation. In these cases, it is also important to contact a lawyer who specialized in the field as soon as possible.

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