“We have a team of highly qualified professionals, all of whom are specialists in their areas of responsibility, and, in particular, in the areas of banking, corporate, and labor law. We are extremely meticulous when it comes to work, and so, since the outset, our search for excellence and talent has remained center stage.

Excellent team work, combined with the management of our firm, are key to our success, since, as Kaoru Ishikawa, the Japanese guru of business administration and quality control once said, “no business can be better than the people within it.”

Eduardo Tornero


Our managing director and co-founder of the firm, received his law degree from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 1997, before going on to work in the legal department of a bank for over 12 years. His passion for the business world and, in particular, his commitment to economic criminal law, drove him to specialize in the business side of commercial law, before moving into compliance. He has received training as a compliance officer (WK, CEI) as well as in the criminal liability of legal persons.

Eulàlia del Castillo


Eulalia del Castillo, our managing partner and co-founder of the Kernel Legal firm, is a business studies graduate, and specializes in business management, money laundering, and data protection. She spent several years of her professional career at Mapfre Vida e Inversión, before co-founding Kernel Legal, together with Eduardo Tornero. In addition to managing the firm, Eulalia offers our clients her services as a financial advisor, on behalf of Allianz.

Jordi-Joan Calàbia i Reixachs


Jordi-Joan is a University of Barcelona law graduate (EHEA), holds a master’s degree in law from the Abat Oliba CEU University, an undergraduate degree in criminology from the University of Girona, a graduate diploma in private security operations, and undergraduate degrees in criminology and criminal policy, and private investigations from the University of Barcelona. He has also completed a postgraduate diploma in legal practice (EPJ-ICAB).at the Barcelona Bar Association, where he majored in labor and administrative law.

Paolo Meucci


Paolo is a law graduate and has worked as a lawyer and administrator for several bodies of the European Parliament for the last 27 years. Our expert in European legislation, and, in particular, the regulatory compliance that affects companies at sectoral level, is also a member of the AFCO Committee (European Parliament’s Committee on Constitutional Affairs), COSAC Delegation (Conference of Parliamentary Committees for Union Affairs), and TRAN Committee (European Parliament’s Committee on Transport and Tourism). He is also head of the European Parliament Information Office.



Diana Castillón Roca, graduada en Derecho por la Universidad Internacional de Cataluña (UIC), ha cursado el Máster Universitario de la Abogacía en la misma universidad. Ha participado en seminarios de formación complementaria sobre “Negotiation Skills” (Técnicas de Negociación), así como sobre Análisis de Problemas Jurídicos. Actualmente está especializada en Derecho de Familia y Derecho Laboral.



Mª del Mar Ferran Navarro, graduada en Derecho por la Universidad de Barcelona (UB), ha cursado el Máster Universitario de la Abogacía en la Universidad Internacional de Cataluña (UIC). Ha participado en seminarios de formación complementaria sobre Derecho de Sucesiones y Derecho Matrimonial (Régimen Económico Matrimonial). Actualmente está especializada en Derecho de Sucesiones.

Laura Pujol Manresa


Laura Pujol Manresa, lawyer with a law degree from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, master’s in law in the same organization. Master in Mediation and other alternative dispute resolution systems at the Illustrious Bar Association of Barcelona (July 2020). Further training in law at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. He currently specializes in family and criminal law.

Anna Cazorla Antolinos


Anna Cazorla Antolinos, graduated in Law and Minor in Gender from the University of Lleida. Specialized in the administrative sector, with previous professional experience in the notarial field, specifically in Inheritance Law, Taxation and Commercial Law.

Mireia Pérez Orri


Mireia Pérez Orri, graduated in law from Pompeu Fabra University. He has spent time abroad at the Università degli studi Roma Tre, and further training at Moot Court at the Universitá Bocconi. Took the master’s in law at the Barcelona School Management- Pomepu Fabra University. Participated in training seminars on civil and criminal evidence as well as on real estate law and gender-based violence.
She currently specializes in civil and criminal law.

Adria Adrian Uris


Adria Adrian Uris, graduate in Criminology and Public Policy Prevention, Pompeu Fabra University. Specialized in legal and business criminology. He has participated in seminars on the evolution of compliance in our country and compliance, he has also held seminars on economic and corporate criminal law. It currently prepares compliance and criminal prevention plans for our companies and acts as the firm’s compliance officer.