About us

Who we are?

Kernel Legal is a boutique law firm with over ten years’ experience, which specializes in corporate and banking matters. It is located in Barcelona and Girona and has delegations in Brussels and Italy.

We have a highly specialized team of professionals, able to offer our clients added value and supply them with responses suited to their needs at every stage of the consulting process.

Our values as a firm are result-oriented indicators, client satisfaction, honesty, professional ethics, confidence, technical quality, and efficiency.

What are our specialities?

We specialize in banking law. We have accrued a high success rate in our banking malpractice claims thanks to the concerted efforts of our managing director, Eduardo Tornero.

We are also experts in criminal compliance, namely in the implementation of supervision and control measures in companies in order to prevent crime and significantly reduce their del credere risk. Having a compliance prevention plan in place has become a necessity for any company. We at Kernel Legal have met this need by designing tailored packages for every business.

Practice areas

Labor Law

Every company faces a multitude of labor issues over the course of its lifetime involving recruitment, dismissals, workforce adjustment proceedings, payment claims…

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A company is like a living, breathing organism, constantly undergoing change. That’s why it’s important to have the best possible legal assistance from the outset and along every step of the way…

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Banking Law

We have an extremely high success rate in representing abusive banking practice claims. Preference shares, floor clauses, multi-currency mortgages, swaps…

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Procedural Law

Our legal team firmly believes that amicable negotiations are the best way to resolve disputes which could affect…

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European Desk

European Desk is our international department. We at Kernel Legal have delegation in both Brussels and Italy.

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Why Kernel Legal?

The professionals make up the Kernel Legal team view specialization as a path to excellence. At our firm, this belief is expressed through our professional dedication to specific areas of practice, including corporate or commercial law and, within the scope of company law, Compliance, in addition to banking and labor law. We have all the answers to your case.

Our experience and our knowledge of the world of law which is most directly related to companies, enables us to come up with solutions which are aligned with the business aims of our clients. There is more to legal assistance than knowing which laws apply. It is also important to know about business and to become personally invested in every case, incorporating the legal factor into the strategy.

Our managing director, Eduardo Tornero, head of the banking law department, has over 20 years’ experience in the banking world. He has been on the other side of fence, and therefore the legal counsel, which is provided in team and project development meetings, sets us apart. This is the source of a significant number of the successes chalked up by our firm.

If you require financial management services, or should you wish to reinvest the money recovered as a consequence of our banking law services, our partner Eulalia del Castillo, financial advisor for Allianz Spain, can offer you advise on how to invest your money in reliable and credit worthy products, averting a new incursion of legal or financial risks.

Our international presence is not just figurative, but rather, it enables us to offer real added value to our clients, in order to anticipate regulatory changes implemented across Europe, and to defend the interests of our clients before the highest EU institutions, if necessary.


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